01. We turned off the motor on the boat, and just [drifted] with the current for a while.
02. I lay on my air mattress on the lake, and just [drifted] around enjoying the sunshine.
03. The boy [drifted] into crime because his parents never seemed to care about him, or spend time with him.
04. The smell of barbecued salmon [drifted] into our yard from our neighbor's.
05. The little boy let go of his balloon, and watched it [drift] up into the sky.
06. The ferry captain radioed for help when a passenger saw an empty canoe [drifting] in the middle of nowhere.
07. The leaves from the trees were slowly [drifting] to the ground in the autumn evening.
08. The [drift] from the British to the American economic sphere had important effects on the urban structure of Canada.
09. Ed Daly once said that surfing is good for the soul because worries seem to [drift] away as you scan the horizon for the next wave.
10. Jellyfish generally just [drift] along in the water, and don't swim much.
11. He has just [drifted] from job to job, and has never seemed to want to settle down in one place.
12. Her brother just [drifts] through life without ever becoming very attached to anything or anyone.
13. There is a rare species of iguana in Fiji which is believed to have [drifted] to the islands from South America thousands of years ago.
14. The smell of the many spices grown on the island of Grenada [drifts] through the marketplace.
15. A Japanese proverb observes that a boat that is not tied up will [drift] along with the stream.
16. In June of 1789, British Admiral Captain Bligh and 18 crew, cast [adrift] from HMS Bounty, arrived in Timor in the East Indies after a voyage of nearly 3,900 miles in an open boat.
17. It took about two hundred million years for the continents to [drift] apart and produce the present distribution of continents and oceans on our planet.

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